Prophet ,Father, Joseph Simmons an Initiate

Prophet Joseph Simmons

Initiate in P.O.M.E. Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prophet Joseph Simmons

Prophet Joseph Simmons joined Zoe Ministries in 1991. After searching for answers to his life at the end of his gigantic rap career "DJ Run" happen to be clicking through the television stations and happened upon "Bishop E. Bernard Jordan". He quickly found out where this prophet was speaking and came to meet him at the Doral Inn Hotel, where the Prophet was holding services.

Bishop Jordan became a mentor to DJ Run and renamed him "Rev. Run". Rev. Run and his family can be seen nationally on MTV on Run's House which was prophesied to him by the Master Prophet. Another prophetic word that came to pass for Prophet Simmons was a prophecy about his book, "Words of Wisdom, Daily Affirmations of Faith, by Rev. Run" is on shelves everywhere books are sold.

The Law of Risk is one of Prophet Simmons' favorite chapters in the Master Prophet's newest book, "The Laws of Thinking". Prophet Simmons tells everyone who is a part of Zoe Ministries or a partner with His Grace, should read Bishop Jordan's book, "Spiritual Protocol".

Prophet Simmons also tells his favorite success secret: "The business that my family and I are in is called the business of "giving".